710,00 kr

The purpose of this product set is to clean, maintain and repair body and facial skin. It covers the bare essentials in personal skin care: cleansing, hydration, nutrition and aromatherapy. The kit includes face oil, soap, and healing salve.

Rejuvenate Face serum for dry/mature skin

A perfect blend of base and essential oils, Rejuvenate maintains smooth and soft facial skin while tickling the nose with a pleasant aroma. The ingredients possess many properties, but we selected them specifically for their restorative and protective qualities. The serum nourishes the tissue and prevents water loss making this product ideal for people with dry and/or tired skin. The combination of base and essential oils act as a powerful remedy against sun damage and against the signs of aging skin like wrinkles and pigmentation. Apply on freshly washed skin by lightly massaging a few drops of the oil on the entire face and neck. 

Bee Happy soap with honey and turmeric

One of our favorites, this bar creates thick, moist lather and offers sweet, uplifting scent. The combination of woody cedar with the sweet citrus notes of lemongrass will awaken your senses and bring you joy in the shower. The colour we achieved by infusing turmeric root in the base oils, thus adding to the antibacterial properties of this soap. Mild and gentle, Bee Happy works great as facial and bodily cleanser because it does not strip your skin of its water content.

Repair healing salve with tamanu oil 

This salve soaks through your skin and brings the healing properties of herbs and oils deep into its tissues. It offers a perfect combination of ingredients that smell amazing and work like magic.  Generally, A salve helps the skin to retain moisture and to acquire necessary vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids. Specifically, we made this one to treat more serious conditions like dermatitis and eczema, as well as sun burns and small wounds. People also find it effective in fading scar tissue or stretch marks.

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