Rejuvenate face oil for dry/mature skin

430,00 kr

Our face oils penetrate quickly and deeply. Using them regularly, you will feel your skin becoming smoother, softer and healthier. We recommend a face oil as a universal substitute for night cream, after bath and face wash, and especially after extended sun exposure. You may apply them anywhere you might feel the need for increased skin tone, elasticity and resistance to inflammation.

This particular blend, we designed specifically for dry to normal as well as mature skin. It nourish the cells and helps them regenerate to smoothen wrinkles and scar tissue. It contains exactly ten completely natural plant oils, four base and six essential oils. Each ingredient matters and contributes to the whole with its unique therapeutic, chemical, or aromatic properties.

The oil comes in a 30 ml glass bottle with spray pump for easy application. Squeeze a tiny amount on your fingers and apply on cleaned facial skin using circular motions. 


Additional information:

    • Rose hip oil possesses regenerative and anti-inflammatory properties making it ideal for problematic or mature skin. It balances and reduces redness or irritation. In its structure, rose hip oil resembles the sebum our body produces, so the cells easily allow it through their walls to nourish and soften our largest organ- the skin.
    • Argan oil adds healing and rejuvenating properties to this blend. People use this seed oil as a dietary supplement and in cosmetics because It contains a rare fatty acid that our skin quickly absorbs and utilizes throughout the whole body. A great moisturizer and a balancing agent, argan is essential addition to facial oil blends. 

    • Seabuckthorn oil, characterized by its richness in color and texture, is one of the star ingredients together with rosehip, argan and the rosa damascenа essential oil. It also contains rare fatty acids and other nutrients including a lot of carotene that your skin benefits from. It is known to protect in hot and cold weather and to leave the skin's surface silky smooth. 

    • Sweet almond oil moisturizes and protects the skin from the effects of agin and environment. Rich in vitamin E and collagen, it strengthens its outer cells to increase elasticity. 

      Essential oils:
    • Rosa Damascenа oil alone is enough to make this blend smell and feel amazingly. This is undoubtedly the most valuable oil we possess. Thousands of petals go into the production of a single drop, but the aroma and healing properties are legendary. Rose oil cures many skin ailments like acne, pigments, blemishes and lack of tone. It also uplifts the mood and is often prescribed by aromatherapists as a potent anti-depressant. Truly amazing stuff indeed. 

    • Lavender essential oil on the other hand, calms the mood, detoxifies the lymphatic system, and balances the skin by helping in the regulation of sebum production.With its relaxing herbaceous scent, It can ease the mind and relax the nerves. It also cleanses the skin with its anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties. 

    • Frankincense, a famous addition to facial products, calms irritation making the skin feel smoother and rejuvenated. This essential oil is the most effective component against brown spots and blemishes associated with sun-damaged or mature skin.

    • Palmarosa attracts moisture to the skin and contributes to the cells' self-regulation. It also smells very refreshing.

    • Benzoin, like frankincense, distills from tree resin. It heals damaged skin, reduces redness and tightens the pores. It also smells like woody vanilla making it a wonderful base note for this blend.
    • Carrot seed oil is a strong antioxidant that has a restorative and supportive role for all skin types. Because of its positive effects on tender and sensitive skin,  it often becomes part of face oil blends. 

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