Refresh shampoo/soap with kelp, rosemary & peppermint

80,00 kr


The combination of base and essential oils make this shampoo bar perfect for maintaining healthy scalp and beautiful hair. The aroma energises, refreshes and clears the mind. 

Cacao and Shea butter contain antioxidants and lots of vitamins A and E in addition to fatty acids that strengthen the individual hairs and their roots. The same role share castor and almond oils producing plenty of creamy lather and making your hair shiny and luxurious. Kelp and spinach extract further enrich this bar with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids while rendering it pastel green coluor. .

ingredients: water, coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil, raw cocoa butter*, raw shea butter*, sodium hydroxide, apricot kernel oil*, soya oil, peppermint oil**, rosemary oil**, kelp powder, nettle powder, rosemary oleoresin extract.

*certified organic ingredient

**essential oil

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