120,00 kr

Nourishing & hydrating, our lip balm contains all-natural and healthy ingredients. This is a creamy and delicious lip treat with mint and chocolate smell, perfect for sensitive lips. The scent comes from the unrefined cocoa butter and peppermint oil, it is not enhanced by any other fragrance. Both the cocoa butter and beeswax act as humectants, attracting moisture from the air and keeping it on the lips. The coconut oil further hydrates the lips making them shiny, smooth and healthy. Our goal was to make a lip balm containing only food-grade ingredients that are beneficial, not harmful to our bodies. We did just that, so enjoy it!

Ingredients: apricot kernel oil*, beeswax, raw cocoa butter*, cold-pressed coconut oil*, shea butter*, jojoba*, castor oil*, peppermint essential oil*, vitamin E*.

*product of organic farming

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