Healing salve with eucalyptus, tea tree & thyme essential oil

179,00 kr


Breathe is a multipurpose salve especially suitable for the colder months or when our immune and respiratory systems need a boost. It makes a perfect addition to your grooming and first aid kit, as well as to your camping and ski attire.


Properties and suggested use:

- Strengthens the immune system by entering the bloodstream and delivering the essential oils where they are needed. Apply a thin layer of the salve on the chest, back and feet.

- Relieves minor congestion. If you have a stuffy nose apply small amount on both sides of the nose and forehead where the sinuses are. 

- Help with restoring better and deeper breathing as well as providing relief from coughs. Apply the salve on the chest, back and neck.

- Warms up the body to help fight fever.

- Soothes light muscle and joint pains and minor headaches. Apply on the side of the temples or where it hurts. 

- Great for dealing with seasonal allergies, winter skin dryness, and as extra layer of protection during outdoor activities in the cold.

- Benefits the body with antibacterial and anti-fungal properties that are especially useful for cleaning cuts, scrapes, and for treating athletes foot

certified organic cold-pressed coconut oil**, cold-pressed argan oil**, apricot kernel oil, raw beeswax, eucalyptus oil*, lemon-scented eucalyptus oil*, certified organic lavender oil*, tea tree oil*, thyme oil*, rosemary oil*, peppermint oil*, bergamot oil*, vitamin E.
*essential oil 
** certified organic ingredient

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