680,00 kr

The purpose of this product set is to clean, maintain and repair body and facial skin. It covers the bare essentials in personal skin care: cleansing, hydration, nutrition and aromatherapy. The kit includes face oil, soap, and healing salve.

Balance Face serum for oily/combination skin

A perfect blend of base and essential oils, Balance maintains smooth and soft facial skin while tickling the nose with a pleasant aroma. The ingredients possess many properties, but we selected them specifically for their regulating and balancing qualities. The serum nurtures the tissue and absorbs excess fat from its surface making this product ideal for people with oilier or prone to acne skin. Apply on freshly washed skin by lightly massaging a few drops of the oil on the entire face and neck.  

Black Magic soap with activated charcoal

The main ingredient in this soap bar, charcoal effectively traps dirt particles and toxins from your skin and washes them away with its thick lather. Makes a great facial soap that one can use before applying face oil. The smell comprises of orange and star anise essential oils- sweet, spicy, and unforgettable. 

Soothe healing salve with organic lavender 

Body balm with numerous applications that can nearly make you want to throw out your first aid kit. Besides giving your skin a silky soft texture it can:

  • repel mosquitos and soothe bug bites/stings
  • prepare the skin for sun exposure and replenish it with nutrients afterwards
  • destroys bacteria and viruses
  • speeds up the healing process of a wound/scratch by stimulating cell regeneration
  • soothe burned skin (helps heal sun and heat burns)
  • soothe sprains & strains
  • relieve the pain in stiff and overworked muscles

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