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Cold-pressed from the nuts of the Argan tree, this oil deserves its reputation as a “Liquid gold”- the perfect treat for skin and hair. Indigenous to Morocco, the trees adapted to harsh environments, thriving in dry desert conditions.

The oil performs similar moisturizing, restorative, and protective functions for our body by strengthening our skin's elasticity and promoting hair health. Because of its lightness, argan oil soaks into the tissue without feeling greasy. Emollient and nourishing, this precious liquid helps regulate sebum production making it ideal for treating problematic skin including acne, scar tissue, and stretch marks. Argan oil improves scalp health and overall condition of the hair in some cases even promoting its growth.

How to use: Squeeze a drop on the fingers and apply on clean facial skin with a circular motion. To maintain strong hair add 2-5 drops on your fingers, spread evenly, and apply to your wet ends after a wash.

Ingredients: Argania spinosa kernel oil* (cold-pressed argan kernel oil), Tocopherol* (vitamin E).

* product of organic farming

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