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Chamomile hydrosol has a sweet floral, honey-like aroma. With its profoundly comforting properties on body, mind, and spirit, the plant elixir offers gentle yet powerful effects which makes it one of the top choices for children and people with highly sensitive skin. The mist calms inflamed skin, burns, blisters, rashes, and allergic reactions. Its antibacterial properties make it useful in cleaning and soothing acneminor cuts, scrapes, and other wounds. Chamomile's ability to regenerate tissues helps to fade scars and stretch marks. Psychologically chamomile eases anger, frustration, anxiety, and depression.

How to: use as a gentle facial cleanser, toner, refreshing travel spray; in DIY face masks; for burns, rashes, acne, hives, cuts, blisters and cooling. 

Skin types: suitable for many skin types including dry, fragile, sensitive and aging skin.

Ingredients: 100% German chamolile hydrosol* from France

*product of organic farming

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