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Sweet, fresh and floral
Revitalizing & uplifting, this salve does wonders for our skin, bodily functions and uneasy mind.

Properties and suggested use:

  • Calms irritated skin and improves dry heels, knees, elbows and hands.
  • Strengthens, rejuvenates and evens out skin tone to prevent wrinkles.
  • Lavender and Geranium remove unpleasant odors directly and by killing the bacteria associated with them. Therefore, it can be used as natural deodorant.
  • Accelerates healing of small wounds and scars by aiding the formation of healthy new skin cells. Lavender and geranium oils kill pathogenic bacteria; therefore, it can be used to disinfect small wounds and scrapes. Apply thicker layer and let it remain longer on affected area.
  • Helps skin regeneration after sun or heat burns.
  • Both Lavender and Geranium have balancing and normalizing body functions and emotions. The essential oils relax sore muscles and relieve cramping tummies. 

How to: To enjoy its full benefits, massage a thin layer of salve onto desired area immediately after shower. A little goes a long way because this is pure product with 100% active ingredients. 

Ingredients: shea butter*, cold-pressed halzenut oil*, cold-pressed borage seed oil*, cold-pressed argan oil*, jojoba oil*, cold-pressed coconut oil*, beeswax,  organic lavender**, rose geranium**, frankincense**, vitamin E.
* product of organic farming
**essential oil

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