Oslo Vegetarfestival May 29 2015

This year was our first time at Oslo Vegetarfestival and we had a great time. Seeing so many positive people at one place truly warms the heart. High attendance made this a fantastic event not just for vegans and vegetarians, but for everybody. Some were stirred emotionally from the many compassionate initiatives that were promoted, others learned new skills or ideas watching the demonstrations or lectures. All of us enjoyed the amazing variety and quality of the food and drinks available. 

It felt great to meet new customers and hear returning ones sharing their feedback. We at Neven would like to thank everyone who stopped by our stand or supported our work from distance. For those of you who couldn’t be there, here are some photos to convince you to go next year.

photo: Ola Waagen

Just outside DogA. This place looks a lot like The Great lawn in Central park, full of people enjoying the sun. photo: Ola Waagen

One of the food trucks providing delicious and cruelty-free meals. Wishing there was a festival like this every week. photo: Ola Waagen

Veli and I tried this plate and we loved every bite of it!  photo: Ola Waagen

And of course, Neven's beautiful stand. Veli in action: these ladies are about to learn the benefits of using facial serums.