Summer soap making course June 15 2018

Save the date, because we want to invite you to three hours of fun and creative workshop where we will teach you how to produce your own soap from scratch.

Discover the cold-process soap making method to produce cleansing bars from scratch! Learn tips and tricks we have discovered during our 6 years experience.

It’s not difficult, but there is a chemistry behind it and safety measures we all must take.

We will divide our course in four sections: safety, selection of ingredients, measurements + calculations and recipes.

The ingredients and soap making utensils needed will be provided. In addition, there will be a variety of essential oils and botanicals available for use.

At the end of the class you will also receive your newly made soap and a booklet with recipes to take home and help you replicate the process.

This course is limited to 10 people. Claim your spot here.