February events February 04 2018

One of our new year's resolutions was to pass on what we learned over the years through offering courses and workshops that in our showroom space. There is no better way to share our craft and get close to our community than organizing short and intimate interactions, beneficial to both sides.

The first such opportunity is Rachel's Wolfe's MetAMORphose class that will take place on Valentine's day. In this art class we will create based on a feeling rather than seeing. Rachel is an award winning American artist living between Oslo and L.A. since 2015. Her background includes formal dance, voice and piano training. Rachel's art explores the understanding of how life works. not by belief but in reality. Recent works have been exhibited in Oslo, L.A. and Gwangju. She developed Yoto Studio to share her creative learning practices. For more information check out the link above. To sign up click here.

Later that week our co-founder Velimir will teach you the how to make soap with ingredients you can easily find in the stores around you. In the first part of this class you will learn all the basics in theory. You will learn about the safety measures you need to know before creating your own soap at home. He will also introduce you to the specific properties each oil renders to the finished product. In the second half of the soap making class we will get down to business and create a natural cold processed soap. At the end of the class each student will leave with a soap bar and a booklet including the information we taught you in class as well as several soap recipes to try at home. How to sign up? Click here.

What else to expect in the months to come?

We will invite more inspiring guest speakers, artists, and other interesting people who have something to offer that would benefit our community and society as a whole. For more details, stay in touch by signing up on our mailing list or follow us on social media to be informed about upcoming events and opportunities to participate.